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Ephra 2002 Nights – The Label Rocktower Rex introduces its new Band

After long work in »Jerusaya Garden« Studio it´s ready and done! They were able to complete their first join work. A new kind of music, that invites the listener into their world, to open up his thoughts that are overclouded by the fog of life.

The Journey through the CD allows us to imagine our origins and discribes the difficulties of life, that are caused by the power and influence of others but also sometimes by ourselfes. We are requested not to give up the fight – to win the New World!

"Nothing will remain hidden from you– we have what you´re looking for!"

Yet, everyone should decide for themselves:
"Is it all a lie?"

Ephra invites you, to keep a look out for New Worlds.

With the first 750 CD´s there is a free 40 cm x 60 cm Poster included.

…the press sentence (Interview "The Rheinpfalz"– Daily-Press)

"Push everything aside, that you have learned...!"

Bockenheimer Band »EPHRA« introduces its first album - Oriental Rocky Sounds and songs of hope and release.

They have looked and they have found. A happy musical family are the members of the band "Ephra", and even though they´re not complete and so can´t manage any life performances yet, have after years of hard work something unpressive to present: their first CD »2002 Nights«. It came out last december (2003) and now with the Bockenheimer Label "Rocktower Rex" will be remarketed.

But one thing after another, as the story of the unusual band and their album is long. To be exact as long as the musical circuit of the bands founder Achim Tauer (Ace), who´s roots lie in Rock`n Roll. Since his youth he had the idea "to make a new kind of music", "a music, that dosen´t simply repeat something already there, that I myself don´t really know, but that is in me", he says. First attempts to produce this kind of music even with his girlfriend, now wife, weren´t very pleasing, but 1993 it "clicked" between them and the drummer, now living in Haßloch, Thomas Regenauer, who was able to appreciate something of the musical ideas of Tauers. Unfortunately the rest of the band "Jerusaya" and "Ephraim´s Daughter" could not. And so it took a further six years until with newcomer Thomas Louis on the guitar "Ephra" came into being.

At this time the »Projekt 2002 Nights« (with inspiration from 1001 Nights") already was very much in developement. Achim Tauer had the music more or less in his head, many of the takes were written and arangements filled upon together with Thomas Regenauer, which didn´t make things easier for the "new mes". "I was presented with ready made music in which I should play guitar into" tells Louis from Worms. Tauers compositions often don´t keep to musical rules. Harmonies vary, tones and rythms often during a song. I can understand that the earlier guitarists were frustrated. One and a half year long Thomas Louis spent about five hours a day working and bought two new guitars to really bring himself into the project. Now all concerned are proud of the joint result. It´s not possible to hear them live, because they would need a second guitarist and a bass player, who´s part Achim Tauer plays as well on the Keyboards.

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